Episode 68

068: How to Consciously Navigate Grief + Dense Emotions with Krysta Lee

How to Consciously Navigate Grief + Dense Emotions with Krysta Lee

Krysta Lee Bio:
Krysta Lee is a multi-award-winning and best-selling author (Mama’s Gotta Work!Mama’s Gotta Grow!Women Let’s Rise); an intuitive guide and coach, former actor and singer, a wife, and a conscious mama of two, from Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.
web: www.krystalee.com 
ig: @krystalee111 
fb: @krysta.lee.fanpage

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Amanda Monnier

I’m Amanda—Holistic Healer, New Earth Visionary, Mentor, Podcaster, Published Author, + Certified Yoga Teacher.

I am here to assist with the anchoring in of New Earth and Unity Consciousness—the veil is thin + the old way simply does not work any longer. I am SO passionate about supporting people + meeting them where they are at in their journey.

I firmly believe in each of us activating our inner healer and healing through connection to our own Divinity. As a guide (and mirror), I hold space for healing ancestral patterns, conditioning, imprints, beliefs, + the shift into your fullest embodiment of who you are at a soul level. I am completely committed reminding others that everything they ever needed was always inside.
I mentor and support heart-centered people who are here for releasing all conditioning that isn’t their truth and never was, activating the fullest embodiment of their soul’s unique blueprint, unapologetically unleashing the light of their heart + soul to the world, & creating in alignment with their highest self.